N-400 Form 2023 - 2024

An N-400 Form is a simple form that asks for basic information about you and your parents. Here's everything you may want to know about an N-400 Form and why you need to fill out N-400 Form 2022–2023.

You don’t need to fill out the form if you are a US citizen by descent. Otherwise, you should check the boxes to indicate your ethnicity and physical features. Make sure your height and weight are in feet and pounds.

Why Do I Need an N400 form?

An N-400 form is the second step in your US citizenship application process. Here are the steps to becoming a US citizen:

  1. First, check if you are eligible for a US citizenship application.
  2. Obtain a Form N-400
  3. Prepare every piece of document that may support your application
  4. Submit your application by paying the fee.

There are 20 pages in the N-400 form. There are also 18 instruction pages from the USCIS

Filing Fee For the Citizenship Application

Once you’ve finished with your N-400 form, you will have to pay a $725 filing fee for your citizenship application. 

  • An N-400 Form‘s processing cost is $640, and a biometric fee cost is $85
  • You need to fill out a form G-1450 and attach it along with your supporting documents and, of course, your N-400 too.

All these numbers are valid for the years 2023 – 2024. Keep yourself updated until further notice.

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