Third Child Tax Credit Date

The advanced child tax credit payments have been in the talks for quite some time now, and families and single parents that qualify for the credit are wondering about September’s deposit. We’ll explain everything you need to know about the second child tax credit and the date it will arrive in your bank account. 

The Internal Revenue Service deposited the first advanced payment of the child tax credit on July 15 and the second on August 13. Since there isn’t really a correlation between the dates deposited, it makes families bewilder the date of the deposit. 

The dates that the advanced payments are going to be deposited have already been announced, though. The Treasury will deposit the third advanced child tax credit payments on September 15. After the funds are deposited, it should appear in your bank account within hours as the government payments have sped up significantly. As soon as the second payment arrives at your bank account, you’ll receive the next advanced payments on the following dates.

  • 4th payment on October 15
  • 5th payment on November 15
  • 6th payment on December 15

For next year, the dates should be fixed where they aren’t moved at an early or later time. The Internal Revenue Service will arrange the dates at the 15th of the month for every month of the year. However, it’s in the talks that the IRS may send out the advanced payments during the course of the full tax year. That said, rather than receiving the advanced payments for the last six months of the year – you might receive them for every month of the year. 

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