Where’s My Amended Return

An amended tax return filed if there is an error in the previously filed income tax return that causes over or underpaying taxes. Since amended tax returns are filed by mail, it takes quite long for the IRS to process them.

This is not only due to filing a paper tax return but due to the nature of processing amended tax returns. Because the IRS needs to go over many tax provisions that go into your taxes, amended returns can take up to 16 weeks to be processed.

It’s best to give the IRS at least 4 months from mailing your amended return to the IRS. At the time of writing, the amended tax returns have been delayed significantly due to COVID-19.

If you’re waiting for your amended tax return to be processed for an unusual period of time, be patient. The IRS will process your return eventually. There is no need for filing a second amended tax return or calling the IRS to see what’s up.

How to track amended tax returns?

Amended tax returns can be tracked using the Where’s My Amended Return tool. This tool works similar to the Where’s My Refund tool which tracks the status of tax refunds. With this tool though, you will see the status of your amended return.

Click here to open Where’s My Amended Return at the IRS website.

To check the status of your amended tax return, you will need need:

The above information must be exactly the same as your tax return. Otherwise, you won’t get to see the status of your amended tax return. Where’s My Amended Return is updated once a day at midnight. Check the status of your amended return one time per day and it will be enough as nothing will change during the day.

Want to learn more about amended tax returns? Read this article showing how Form 1040-X—Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return works.

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