DOW JONES Futures Today Pre-market

Now that some states are in the talks of reopening the economy and some actually do, stocks are rising steadily. DOW JONES recently rose 400 points which looks to be a very promising recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Since Dow Jones is one of the most anticipated stock market thanks to certain companies’ presence like Apple, Nike, Boeing, Verizon, Walmart and many, seeing a recovery promises a lot for the future.

Saying that the markets are now recovering would be wrong. The pandemic still continues at a high alerted level in parts of the country. It is still too early to tell that markets across the nation is going to recover. But that 400 point boost is a very good start. The pre-market can tell us a lot about how the market is doing as it is the start.

Dow Jones Pre-market Data

Index CloseCur FutureChange
Fair Value CloseCur FutureIMPL Open

When markets will completely recover?

The estimates suggest the markets should be gaining traction as soon as the beginning of May. That is, of course, correlated with the federal government’s prediction of the peak. It all comes down to when the pandemic is going to ease so that everybody can look forward.

Regardless, the stock market is already gaining the lost value since the stock market correction. The premature loss of 10% could mean gains of up to double or triple the loss in the near future.

In the upcoming days, everything should look brighter and the estimates should take a more understandable route. The cloud hovering around the Dow Jones seems to be disappearing. We can say this just by looking at the pre-market figures and now all we have left to do is to wait for the rest to follow along.

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