Form 12277 Instructions 2023 - 2024

Form 12277 is a simple tax form that removes lien on a federal tax lien. After paying off your debt fully and being up to your tax payments for the current tax year, file the 12277 to remove the lien. If this is your first time filing Form 12277 (in that case, we hope you never file it again!) or you’re having some trouble filing it, the instructions to file it below can help you out. 

On average, it takes about ten to fifteen minutes for a taxpayer to file Form 12277 but as with any other tax form, you will need to gather the information that needs to be on the form. 

Line-by-line instructions for Form 12277

Line 1. Enter your name as exactly shown on your federal tax lien.

Line 2. Enter your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number.

Line 3. If you’re the tax representative of the filer, enter your name. Leave it blank if you’re filing 12277 for yourself.

Line 4, 5, 6, 7. Enter your address on lines 4 through 7. 

Line 8. Enter your phone number.

Line 9. Generally, those that have Form 668(Y) in their possessions can attach it to the 12277 and move on, but if you don’t have your notice of tax lien or you don’t want to attach it, enter the serial number of the form (668(Y), date it was filed, and recording office where it was filed.  

Line 10. Enter the current status of your tax lien. It can be either unknown, open, or released. Check the appropriate box. 

Line 11. Enter your reason for the withdrawal of the tax lien. Check the box(es) that apply to your situation.

Line 12. Explain the basis for the withdrawal request. You can also attach additional documentation that supports your withdrawal request. 

Lastly, enter the today’s date and your signature. If you’re filing this for your business, enter the business title also.  

After you’re done filing Form 12277, you can go ahead and mail it to the regional Internal Revenue Service office. The mailing address is different depending on where you live. You can see where to mail 12277 on the IRS website.

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