How To Fill Out DA Form 3881?

Are you wondering how to fill out DA Form 3881? Then you are not alone. The law has recently been amended to make it easier for military interrogators to use this form. Let's give it a closer look at this post.

DA Form 3881 is designed to reduce the number of inadmissible confessions that end up in military courts. The form is used for various purposes, including informal counseling, recording evidence for a court case, and more. The form can be filled out online for a faster and easier process. It is important to know how to fill it out correctly. Check the following part to learn how to fill out DA Form 3881.

Filling Out a DA FORM 3881

The new DA Form 3881 is not so complicated to fill out. There are not so many sections and blocks in this form. Here are all the steps you need to complete a DA Form 3881.

  • Block 1: The law enforcement official identifies the part to be filled out in DA 3881 From Block 1. 
  • Block 2 and 3: The filing date and the military time with the suspect’s initials
  • Block 4: The military police report number
  • Block 5 and 6: Suspect’s full name and social security number
  • Block 7: DoD-employed civilian suspects must fill out this block
  • Block 8: The suspect’s address, either military or civilian. Also, U.S. government employees’ organizations.
  • Section A: The rights of the accused or the suspect. First line: investigator’s name and the offense or offenses the suspect is accused of.
  • Sections B and C: The waiver and non-waiver options. This section is filled out depending on the suspect’s decision. They may discuss the offense or the suspect with or without a lawyer. They may also refuse to talk and be questioned. Witnesses and their names, organization, addresses, and phone numbers are also included in Section B. 
  • Final: Interviewee and investigator approval signs in Section B and Section C boxes.

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