Idaho ST-101 Fillable 2023 - 2024

Idaho ST-101, Sales Tax Resale or Exemption Certificate is the tax form for retailers use to claim exemption on the resale of items. In Idaho, all retail sales are taxable if a specific exemption doesn’t apply to the state or federal government.

The sales tax exemption can be claimed if the buyer is an organization or a person that can buy sales tax-exempt goods or services. The goods and services to be tax-exempt, must be used in a certain way that they are exempt from sales tax. This includes the goods and services to be exempt from use and sales tax for all buyers or are for resale so that they are exempt from sales taxes. If you’re a retailer that’s purchasing goods for resale, know that your purchases are exempt from sales tax.

Retailers must fill out ST-101

Retailers must fill out ST-1040 to claim exemption of sales taxes. You can also claim exemptions if you’re not a retailer. There are five separate parts of the ST-101 fillable where you can claim exemption on the purchase of goods and services.

Here is what you’ll find in Idaho ST-101.

  • Buying for Resale
  • Producer Exemptions
  • Exempt Buyers
  • Contractor Exemptions
  • Other Exempt Goods and Buyers

As long as your purchases qualify for tax exemption, you can comfortably fill out Idaho Form ST-101 and file it with the Idaho State Tax Commission. It takes no more than five minutes to complete the form entirely. Below, you can start filling out Idaho ST-101 which is fillable online. So you can finish it and print out a paper copy with what you entered.

If you’re a seller and you received ST-101, we suggest keeping it for your records but this might not be necessary for some. Nevertheless, it’s wise to keep a copy of the ST-101 in your records in case an Idaho State Tax Commission audit.

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