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If you have a tax problem that requires in-person help with an IRS representative, you may need to set an IRS appointment, and this article covers how to do it.

The IRS has made it mandatory to make an IRS appointment for in-person help at all Taxpayer Assistance Centers. This means you will need to schedule a time to speak with an agent and bring all relevant documents (personal identification, letters or notices, etc.) on the day of your appointment. The best way to avoid long wait times and the hassle of making an appointment is to contact the IRS during off-peak hours. This is typically the mornings and evenings when taxpayers are less likely to have busy work schedules. Alternatively, you can also contact the IRS online to request a call-back from an agent. While this will not eliminate all of your wait times, it reduces the frustration you may experience while trying to get an appointment at an IRS office.

You should also remember to bring any documentation related to the issue you’re seeking help with, such as tax returns and payment information. If you need identity verification services, you will need to provide two forms of ID and a copy of your tax return from the year in question. If you are a disabled taxpayer, you should bring proof of your disability. Finally, you should consider bringing a friend or family member to help you during your appointment. This is because you will be talking with an agent who will need to know that someone else can assist you if you have any questions or concerns.

How to Make an IRS Appointment

How to Make an IRS Appointment?

The IRS offers a number of different tax services to help taxpayers. These services can include filing taxes, contacting the IRS about a refund, paying bills, and even getting a tax return transcript. However, there are times when you may need to talk to a real person about your taxes and need to make an appointment at a local IRS office.

The first step in making an appointment with a representative at the IRS is to call their toll-free number which is 800-829-1040. Unless otherwise noted, this number is available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., local time (except for Alaska and Hawaii, which follow Pacific time). Getting through to a customer service representative on the phone can be difficult during high call volumes, such as during filing season.

You can also use the IRS online appointment system to set up an in-person meeting. This is an especially good option if you have a complex tax issue and need to speak with a live representative. You can also use this system to file a tax extension or to dispute a tax issue. The website also has links to a variety of other tax-related topics.

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