501c3 Lookup

A 501c3 lookup can help you determine the legitimacy of a nonprofit organization. By entering the name of the nonprofit, location, and Taxpayer Identification Number, you can see whether or not the organization is tax-exempt. Here's everything you need to know about 501c3 Lookup.

A 501c3 lookup is a simple way to confirm a nonprofit organization’s tax-exempt status. The IRS maintains a database of all 501c3 organizations, which can be searched by name or geographic location. This database contains detailed information on 2.3 million nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. You can use the IRS website’s search tool to look up the name of the organization you are interested in.

In order to be a tax-exempt nonprofit, an organization must meet certain requirements. This includes filing Form 1023 online and getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. Performing a 501c3 lookup is a great way to determine which nonprofit organizations you are contributing to and confirm that your donation will be tax deductible. 

How Do I Know If An Organization is 501c3?

  • As we mentioned above, the IRS has a comprehensive, searchable database of all 501c3 organizations. This database includes the organization’s tax-exempt status and other important data. This database allows you to search for nonprofits using a variety of criteria, including name, geographic location, 501(c) classification, and tax ID number. You can also browse the results of past nonprofit tax filings to find out more about a nonprofit’s history.
  • The IRS also has a free 501c3 lookup guide that will help you find and get an EIN, or Employer Identification Number, for your nonprofit. This is similar to a social security number for nonprofits. If you need help with how to go about getting an EIN, this guide can help you figure out what’s involved and get one quickly and easily.
  • The Tax Exempt Organization Search Tool is also a great resource for finding information on charitable organizations. This tool is often used to find data related to tax-exempt status, filings, and charitable contributions. This is the IRS’s most comprehensive tool for researching organizations. You can find nonprofits and private foundations using the search tool and learn more about a nonprofit’s activities and history.

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