Nebraska Minimum Wage

It's important for business owners to know how Nebraska minimum wage laws affect them, especially as inflation is rising. An all-in-one payroll and team management solution can help them stay compliant.

If you’re an employer in Nebraska, you should be aware of the state’s minimum wage laws. This is a crucial issue for workers, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on changes. The current minimum wage in Nebraska is $9 per hour, and it will increase annually based on the cost-of-living. A new initiative is aimed at raising the Nebraska minimum wage to $15 an hour, and is supported by a wide coalition of business organizations and community groups. Nebraska Appleseed, a nonprofit organization that supports the campaign, claims that it would lift incomes for 150,000 working families and boost the state’s economy.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, and employers must pay employees at least that amount. However, some states have higher minimum wage rates than the federal rate. The federal and state minimum wage laws also apply to tipped workers. Employers must also comply with federal laws governing overtime pay, which requires that employees be paid one and a half times their regular rate of pay for hours worked over 40 in a workweek. A comprehensive, all-in-one payroll and team management solution can help ensure that you’re compliant with the law and that your employees are being paid what they deserve. It can also help you manage employee schedules and track time off requests to make sure that you’re not overscheduling or paying employees overtime.

Tipped Minimum Wage in Nebraska

Tipped Minimum Wage in Nebraska

State minimum wage rates are subject to frequent updates, and knowing the current rate is key to maintaining compliance. These changes can impact employers in different ways, depending on their industry, location, and business size. For example, tipped minimum wages may differ from the general minimum wage. Tipped employees are those who are compensated in part by tips, such as waiters and bellhops. The current tipped minimum wage in Nebraska is $2.13, and is tied to the general minimum wage for non-tipped workers. In addition, the 7th day overtime law requires that employers pay tipped employees at time and a half for hours worked on the seventh day of the workweek.

Nebraska Minimum Wage Poster

The Nebraska Minimum Wage Poster outlines important information regarding the rights of workers in this state. In addition to the minimum wage rate, the poster includes information about unemployment insurance benefits and a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination. It also summarizes federal and state laws governing occupational safety.

The poster is required by law to be displayed in all workplaces where employees are employed. The poster must be prominently displayed, in a location that is easily visible to all employees. It also informs employers of their responsibilities and obligations as well as the penalties for non-compliance.

In addition to the federal and state mandatory labor law posters, there are a number of additional posters that may be required by your business depending on its location or industry. For example, if your business is located in an area that requires city or county specific posters, you will need to include those as well.

Our All-In-One Nebraska and Federal Labor Law Poster fulfills all the state and federal mandatory posting requirements. It also includes a free replacement service that automatically updates when any mandatory changes occur. Choose between our deluxe 1.2 mil laminated version or our environmentally friendly unlaminated Go Green option. You can also purchase a 1 Year or 2 Year Compliance Plan that will include all future replacements at no extra cost.

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