RI 1099-G Form

Form 1099-G, Certain Government Payments is the information return you’ll get from governments whether federal, state, or local. If you’re living in Rhode Island (RI) and received payment from the state government such as unemployment compensation, you’ll get the 1099-G reporting this income. 

As for what to do with it, you’ll need to attach it to your federal income tax return to report the unemployment compensation received. While you would generally pay taxes on the amount received from unemployment compensation, the IRS introduced a waiver in the later stages of the start of the tax season. So, you won’t pay up to a certain amount received in unemployment compensation and that is $10,200 for all taxpayers making below the income threshold. Learn more about unemployment compensation exclusion.

What to do with my 1099-G RI?

Attach it to your federal income tax return by stapling the information return on the top right or left corner along with other documents, and seal the envelope. If you’re filing an electronic return, you don’t need to do any sorting of the documents as it’s taken care of by the tax preparation service you’re filing the return with. 

If you haven’t received your 1099-G from the Rhode Island state department yet, know that the deadline is January 31. The state governments are keen to meet this deadline and your 1099-G should be furnished to you way before January 31. It usually arrives in the mail within a couple of days after the tax year ends. Taxpayers that haven’t received it yet should contact the state department, or obtain it online and print out.

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