South Dakota SxS Registration

South Dakota has unique vehicle categories that allow UTVs to register as street-legal vehicles.

There are a few different ways to register your UTV in South Dakota. The most common way is to purchase a state-issued decal. This can be done through your county treasurer’s office, or by visiting the state department of revenue website. The form requires a copy of your driver’s license, physical proof of social security number, and a bill of sale or title.

The most important thing to remember is that a UTV must meet all of South Dakota’s street-legal requirements in order to be registered as an OHV. This includes headlights, turn signals, and other safety features. The state also requires a valid driver’s license and registration for all OHV drivers.

Luckily, there are two states that offer the best path to street legality. Both Montana and South Dakota have unique vehicle categories that allow UTVs to become street-legal on a non-localized basis. Combine this with Registration Reciprocity, and you can make your UTV road-approved without ever leaving home.

How to Register Your Vehicle in South Dakota

How to Register Your Vehicle in South Dakota?

South Dakota offers a number of benefits to vehicle owners who wish to register their vehicles in the state. For example, the state doesn’t require smog inspections on automobiles or motorhomes. This can save you up to ten percent in fees on a new vehicle. In addition, the state has a low sales tax rate. This makes it a great place to register your RV or car.

Vehicle owners are required to register their vehicles within 45 days of purchase. The registration fee is 4% of the purchase price plus the cost of any warranties or add-ons. There is also a one-time penalty of 10% of the purchase price and 1% interest on the remaining tax for every month after 45 days.

The state’s online Vehicle Registration & Plates portal allows individuals to pay their registration fees and submit all necessary documents. To access this system, an individual must have a valid SD driver’s license or ID card and their county treasurer’s office account number (provided on the renewal notice sent by the county). The online service will also allow an applicant to run a history report on a specific vehicle.

Residents can also renew their county registration using a DMV Now License Renewal kiosk in Pennington County. This fully automated machine can be used by individuals with a valid SD driver’s license or ID card who are listed as the owner on the vehicle title. The kiosk can also be used to update your address, print a sellers permit, or file a report of sale.

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