SSI Office Near Me

Many Social Security services can be handled online, but some people need to visit a local office. These offices can help you get your replacement card, file for disability benefits, or appeal a disability decision.

The Social Security Administration has a network of local field offices that serve as your first in-person resource for conducting business with the agency. These locations offer a full range of services, including signing up for benefits and getting a Social Security card replacement. You can also drop off important documents at your local office to avoid losing them in the mail.

SSA field offices and hearing offices are located throughout the United States. These offices are usually located in cities and towns. You can find the nearest SSA office by using the Social Security Administration’s online locator. The Social Security Administration also has a phone number for customers who are not able to travel to a field office or hearing office.

SSA Office Locator

The SSA Office Locator is an online tool that can help you find the nearest Social Security field offices. You can also get information about office hours and holidays. It will also provide you with the phone number of the local SSA representative. This tool is particularly helpful if you need to make an appointment.

Local SSA field offices are your first in-person resource for conducting business with the agency. They are generally crowded, and it is best to schedule an appointment if possible. This will allow you to skip the main line and join a shorter secondary one.

SSA field offices can help you with a wide range of services, including filing a disability claim or replacing a lost card. They can also offer accommodations, like sign language interpreters, for those with limited mobility. SSA also has Resident Stations, which are smaller facilities located in community centers and other public buildings. These are staffed by fewer employees and have more limited service hours.

SSA Phone Number

SSA Phone Number

Most experts advise that you avoid the Social Security office as much as possible. However, if you need to contact SSA for any reason, the agency’s telephone number is 1-800-772-1213. Social Security representatives are available to answer your questions and help you through any issues you may have. In addition, they can also provide you with a receipt that can serve as a temporary Social Security card in many cases.

If you are unable to resolve your issue with a phone call, you can visit a local field office in your area. Local offices typically handle a variety of tasks, including processing applications for benefits and resolving appeals. They can also answer general questions about their programs and services, such as how to file for disability benefits. In addition, they can provide you with information booklets on SSA’s various programs. They can even arrange appointments to help you apply or handle a specific problem. The Social Security Administration administers two main benefit programs: the Disability Insurance Program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income program for those with limited income and resources.

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