1095-C Form 2023 - 2024

Form 1095-C is sent out to those who enrolled in a health plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace. In 2024, you will be furnished with a Form 1095-C reporting the information you need to know about the plan you enrolled in.

The purpose of Form 1095-C is to provide you the information you need to know about claiming the premium tax credit, reconcile the credit on your tax return with advance payments of the premium tax credit and file your federal income tax return.

Content of Form 1095-C

Form 1095-C is made up of two parts. On Part I, you will see information about you and your employer. It will display your Social Security number and Employer Identification Number of your employer.

This will help you file your federal income tax return.

On Part II, you will see:

  • Your offer of coverage as an employee
  • Age on January 1st
  • Which month the plan started

Use these to file your federal income tax return. The bottom line is Form 1095-C is the tax form that reports your health coverage offered by your employer. This is due to an Applicable Large Employer must offer you health insurance whether you take it or not. Since this must be reported, you will be furnished with a 1095-C providing you the information you can further use on Forms 1040.

Do I need to attach Form 1095-C to 1040?

No, not necessarily. The IRS doesn’t require you to include Form 1095-C on your federal income tax return but keep it in your tax records as you may need it if you file an amended tax return—for example.

Are Form 1095-C amounts deductible?

Sure. If you itemize and paid premiums to health insurance, you can deduct these expenses under qualifying medical expenses. However, you can only deduct the expenses that exceed 10% of your AGI.

Can I see employer contribution on Form 1095-C?

Yes! That’s literally the purpose of Form 1095-C. On Part II of Form 1095-C, check the “Employee Offer of Coverage” column. The amount entered here refers to the employer contribution.

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