IRS Letters

An IRS letter is an official written communication sent by the Internal Revenue Service to taxpayers. These letters typically address routine matters, such as notifying taxpayers about changes to their tax returns, requesting additional information or documentation, or highlighting potential discrepancies in their filings. While they are important, IRS letters generally do not have the same level of urgency or legal significance as IRS notices.

  • IRS Letter 2645C

    IRS Letter 2645C

    IRS Letter 2645C is a formal communication sent by the IRS to taxpayers. It is typically used to notify individuals…

  • IRS Letter 5071C

    IRS Letter 5071C

    The IRS sends Letter 5071C when it receives a tax return with someone’s name, Social Security number, or Individual Taxpayer…

  • IRS Letter 5447C

    IRS Letter 5447C

    With scammers stealing Social Security numbers and posing as the IRS to rob innocent taxpayers, it’s important for everyone to…

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