Reject Codes

IRS reject codes for federal income tax returns. When an electronically filed tax teturn has an error or something that contradicts, a reject code is displayed – indicating the reason for the error. Find out what the common reject codes mean and the solution to the error.

  • 971 Notice Issued

    971 Notice Issued 2023 - 2024

    IRS transcript codes are a system of alphanumeric codes used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to categorize and summarize…

  • IRS Transcript Code 768

    IRS Transcript Code 768

    Transcript codes, or transaction codes, are a series of three-digit codes used by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify…

  • IRS Code 846

    IRS Code 846

    IRS Code 846, also known as “Refunds of Overpayments,” is a section of the Internal Revenue Code pertaining to refunding…

  • IRS Code 290

    IRS Code 290

    IRS Code 290, known as “Additional Tax Assessments,” plays a significant role in the Internal Revenue Service’s efforts to ensure…

  • What is IRS Code 150?

    IRS Code 150

    If you have recently filed your taxes, you may be eagerly awaiting news on the status of your return. When…

  • Common IRS Reject and Error Codes

    Common IRS Reject and Error Codes

    The IRS may reject a tax return for various reasons, such as incorrect personal information, errors in income reporting, deductions,…

  • IND-032-04


    The IRS reject code IND-032-04 is one of the commonly came across error codes that actually has a simple solution.…

  • F540-960


    Reject Code F540-960 is about your California state income tax return. Upon filing your state income tax return through eFile,…

  • reject-code-ind-031-04

    IRS Reject Code IND-031-04

    The IRS reject code IND-031-04 refers to a mismatch of prior year Adjusted Gross Income or PIN. If what entered…

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