The IRS reject code IND-032-04 is one of the commonly came across error codes that actually has a simple solution. When e-filing your federal income tax return, you might get your tax return rejected with this code, and the reasoning for this is that the spouse’s adjusted gross income entered doesn’t match the IRS records. 

The Internal Revenue Service requires taxpayers to enter their previous year’s adjusted gross income for verification purposes. If the amount entered doesn’t match the IRS records, your return will get rejected with the IND-032-04 rejection code. However, this can happen even if your spouse didn’t file a federal income tax return- including a joint return with you. In these cases, what you need to do is enter the spouse AGI as -0- and resubmit the tax return. While this fixes most of the issues that come with this rejection code, if it doesn’t work, there isn’t much you can do but submit a paper tax return.

Because the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t use AGI for verification purposes on paper tax returns, you can simply file your return with the IRS without worrying that this will come back to you as a pain in the neck. Although it’s best to file your federal income tax return electronically, you’re bound to file a paper tax return in these situations. Luckily though, you can print out a paper copy of your tax return from eFile. Just complete your return electronically on your computer and print out a paper copy containing every little bit of information you entered on your tax return along with the attachments that need to be submitted with it. 

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