IRS Reject Code IND-031-04

The IRS reject code IND-031-04 refers to a mismatch of prior year Adjusted Gross Income or PIN. If what entered doesn’t match the records, you’ll get the IND-031-04 reject code. What you need to do is check your AGI or PIN and enter it correctly. The Internal Revenue Service only needs either one so you can just take a look at your previous year’s tax return and find your adjusted gross income. Once you know your correct AGI, you can then go ahead and file your federal income tax return accordingly.

For the 2024 tax season, you need to enter your 2023 adjusted gross income or correct PIN to file your tax return. Don’t file your tax return repeatedly as it will only result in getting the IND-031-04 rejection code over and over. Just look at your previous tax return and find your AGI and enter it so on your current tax return.

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