Reject Code F540-960 is about your California state income tax return. Upon filing your state income tax return through eFile, you may get your return rejected with this code. 

So, why do you get the reject code F540-960? This rejection code refers to an error on the Social Security Number entered. More specifically, the SSN entered on California state income tax return – or the spouse SSN entered – has been used on another accepted CA state income tax return. 

What you can do to get over this issue is checking your SSN entries. Although entering an SSN is pretty much the easiest part of your tax return, we all make mistakes, and it’s completely normal to enter it wrongly. If your, or your spouse’s SSN is correct, there is no need to further submit your state income tax return as you’ll keep getting the same error. 

What to do if everything is correct and the Reject Code F540-960 is still displayed? Print your CA state income tax return, sign it, and mail it to the Franchise Tax Board. This is a problem that’s caused by the state income tax department, not e-File, or you, as the SSN is correct but the return submitted isn’t accepted. 

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