IRS Letter 5447C

If you receive an IRS Letter 5447C, you must call the number on the letter to verify your identity. This article will cover IRS Letter 5447C and what to do about it.

With scammers stealing Social Security numbers and posing as the IRS to rob innocent taxpayers, it’s important for everyone to understand what to do if they receive a letter or notice that appears to be from the IRS. The IRS corresponds with taxpayers via US mail for a number of reasons, such as sending tax refund checks. The IRS also uses this method to notify people of changes in the status of their returns and tax refunds, such as when there is a delay in processing a return or when a taxpayer owes additional money. The IRS occasionally sends letters like the 5071C, 5747C, or 5447C to verify a person’s identity. These letters are typically sent after the IRS has e-filed or paper-filed a tax return, believing it may be fraudulent. The letter will contain specific instructions on how to verify your identity online or by phone. If you use the online tool, you’ll need the IRS 5071C letter and a copy of the return in question.

If you don’t want to use the online tool or you don’t have the required documents on hand, the IRS will often ask to speak with a CPA or other authorized representative on your behalf. In those cases, the IRS will provide you a phone number and email address to contact.

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What to Do About IRS Letter 5447C?

 if you receive one of these ID verification letters (letters 5071C, 5747C, 5447C, or 6331C), acting as quickly as possible is important. These documents require specific identification and documentation to verify a person’s identity. As a result, they often have time-sensitive deadlines and can result in delays to refunds or application of overpayments to next year’s estimated taxes.

To start the process, it’s best to have the following items:

A mobile phone associated with your name A copy of a previous year’s income tax return that is not the same as the return referenced in the letter Any supporting W-2 or 1099 forms for that year Proof of your identity (a driver’s license or passport) If you have a professional preparer who is also your client, they can participate on the call with you and can sign in with their power of attorney. However, they cannot submit the required documents on your behalf as this would violate IRS rules.

Some taxpayers also receive an IRS Letter 2645C, which is similar to a letter requesting identification. This letter indicates that the IRS has received documents and will be reviewing them in the next 60 days. Generally, this is not a sign of a fraud or other problem with the taxpayer’s tax account. However, it’s a good idea to review your tax account and follow the instructions on the letter to resolve any tax issues.

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