1099-DIV Forms 2023 - 2024

Form 1099-DIV, Dividends and Distributions is an information return that reports the income earned through dividends and other distributions. If you’re an investor that has earned money from the stocks you hold, the investment company will furnish you with a copy of the 1099-DIV.

This information return is just like any other information return and other Forms 1099 that reports the income earned and the taxes withheld. As someone who received this tax form, you are required to add the gross income earned as stated on the form as well as the income taxes withheld. If you opted to withhold income taxes through the income earned from dividends and distributions with your account provider, you will see these taxes withheld.

Keep in mind that you won’t receive multiple copies of the 1099-DIV Form. You will only get Copy B which can be used for filing both a federal and state income tax return. The whole Form 1099-DIV contains the following in each box.

  • 1a. Total Ordinary Dividends
  • 1b. Qualified Dividends
  • 2a. Total Capital Gain Distributions
  • 2b. Unrecaptured Section 1250 Gain
  • 2c. Section
  • 2d. Collectibes Gain
  • 2e. Section 897 Ordinary Dividends
  • 2f. Section 897 Capital Gain
  • 3. Nondividend Distributions
  • 4. Federal Income Tax Withheld
  • 5. Section 199A Dividends
  • 6. Investment Expenses
  • 7. Foreign Tax Paid
  • 8. Foreign Country U.S. Possession
  • 9. Cash Liqudation Distributions
  • 10. Noncash Luquidation Distribution
  • 11. Exempt-Interest Dividends
  • 12. Specified Private Activity Bond Interest Dividends
  • 13. State
  • 14. State Identification Number
  • 15. State Income Tax Withheld

The above is all the information you’re going to see on Forms 1099-DIV. Regardless of the tax year, you receive it, the Internal Revenue Service requires you to attach it to your federal income tax return. Not doing it so may result in amending your tax return as the amounts shown on Form 1099-DIV not being adequately accounted for.

Attach the Form 1099-DIV furnished to you by the account provider to your federal income tax return. If you’re filing a paper return, attach it by stapling the 1099-DIV with the other returns. 

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