4868 Form 2023 - 2024 Instructions

Form 4868 is used for placing an automatic extension of time to file federal income tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service wants taxpayers to file their tax returns by April 15, but not everybody is available for that date. Those who need extra time to file their federal income tax returns need an extension to file their returns so that they won’t pay any late-filing penalties. 

Start filling out Form 4868 for the 2024 tax season. 

It’s perfectly okay to file for an extension as the tax forms that you need to file your tax return with may not be accessible at the moment and as you approach the tax filing deadline. The Internal Revenue Service doesn’t charge anything extra if you place an extension on your tax return. It’s just a way for you to let the IRS know that you need more time to file your tax return.

A guide to filing Form 4868

Box 1, 2, and 3: Enter your personal information, such as your name, address, Social Security number, and spouse SSN if filing a joint return.

Box 4: Estimate the tax you owe for the tax year and enter the amount. Although an extension gives you extra time to file your federal income tax return, you must pay any unpaid tax by April 15. The extension only extends the filing deadline, not the deadline to pay. 

Box 5: Enter the total amount of federal income taxes paid through federal income tax withholding and estimated tax payments.

Box 6: Enter the amount owed. If you don’t owe any taxes, enter ‘0’.

Box 7: Enter the amount you’re paying with 4868 if you still owe tax after the taxes paid during the tax year.

Box 8: State if you’ve been outside of the United States and you’re a US citizen or permanent resident.

Box 9: State whether or not you filed Form 1040-NR (nonresident’s tax return) and didn’t receive wages as an employee subject to federal income tax withholding. 

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