8867 Form 2023 - 2024

Form 8867 – Paid Preparer’s Due Diligence Checklist is the tax form paid preparers must file to determine the taxpayer’s eligibility for the credits as well as the amounts and filing status. If the paid preparer is claiming either one of the tax credits, Form 8867 must be filed.

Form 8867 also must be filed if the taxpayer is filing tax return as head of household. This also must meet the due diligence requirements, so Form 8857 is mandatory to file.

How do you fill out Form 8867?

Paid preparers shouldn’t have a hard time with filing Form 8867. It consists of two pages where the first page is used for reporting the general due diligence requirements while the second page is for each tax credit stated in the list above.

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The paid preparer’s due diligence checklist then can be attached to the federal income tax return of the taxpayer. Form 8867 is mandatory to file and the other due diligence requirements must be met.

Printable Form 8867

A copy of the mandatory Form 8867 can be obtained above. Print out a paper copy of this tax form and attach it to the federal income tax return of the taxpayer. This version of Form 8867 PDF is completely fillable which means you can fill it out on your computer and print out a paper copy with the information entered.

Then use the buttons on the top right corner of Form 8867 to print out or save it as a PDF as it is on your device.

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