Form 2848 Instructions 2023 - 2024

Form 2848 – Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative is filed for authorizing an individual to represent the filer before the Internal Revenue Service.

Although a simple tax form, 2848 can be challenging if you’re filing it for the first time. One thing to keep in mind about the Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative is that you must fill out a copy for each representative that you wish to represent you before the IRS.

By allowing a qualifying representative, the representative will have the ability to receive and inspect your confidential tax information. So authorizing someone that you know as well as trust is very crucial.

The instructions to file is quite simple to understand, but there are special instructions that every filer should take a look at for corporations, trusts. deceased individuals. exempt organizations. and employee plans. If any of it fits you, it’s important to read the instructions to file Form 2848.

You can get the instructions to file 2024 Form 2848. For the revisions that might happen in the future, the following instructions of the form will be updated as with the form. The Internal Revenue Service updated Form 2848 in February of 2023. The changes are expected to happen in 2024 but until that happens, the below instructions are suited for the current version of Form 2848.

As with any other instructions for any other tax form, you can either view it online and click to get to the part you’re having trouble filing or view the print version. Either way works just fine but if you’re going to file Forms 2848 in the future plenty of times, the paper instructions might be a better option.

Click here to view Form 2848 instructions (PDF, printable)

Form 2848 Instructions to File (on-page IRS)

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