Form W2 Changes for

Are there any changes to Form W4 for the 2024 tax season? It’s a normal reaction if you’re wondering whether there are changes to the Wage and Tax Statement form or not. 

The Internal Revenue Service makes changes to tax forms every year as minor adjustments are made to the US tax code. Though staple tax forms like Form W4 don’t get these changes as often, you can never be too prepared. 

For the time being, though, there aren’t any changes made to the W2 as the draft version of the form was published a year ago. W2 Form 2024 is the same as it was in 2023 and the year before. 

The changes on Form W2 isn’t as anticipated as other forms as it serves a single purpose – to report wages paid to employees and taxes withheld. As it’s simple enough, there isn’t really a need for changing Form W2.

Ways to file Form W2

You now know that there aren’t any changes to Form W2. However, you might want to give a change to the way you’re filing Form W2. The best way to file it is through business management software to save plenty of time and automate your business.  

As you process payroll and generate paychecks, you can automatically create Forms W2 for the tax year. It will be effortless, and you won’t need to go through multiple calculations. It’s by far the easiest way to prepare Forms W2 and furnish your employees in under a day.

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