FMLA Forms List 2023 - 2024

Family and Medical Leave Act allows employees to go on unpaid, job-protected leave for up to 120 days during a calendar year for certain emergencies. Employees must file the corresponding FMLA form that applies to the reason for the leave and submit it to their employers.

Some forms also require the employee to present the form to their healthcare provider. This is required for employees that leave for medical emergencies. You can revert to the FMLA form you’re filing to see if this is needed.

Here is the full list of FMLA forms for the 2024 calendar year for reasons covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

  • Form WH-380-E: Employee’s Serious Health Condition
  • Form WH-380-F: Family Member’s Serious Health Condition
  • Form WH-384: Qualifying Exigency
  • Form WH-385: Caregiver Leave of a Current Military Servicemember
  • Form WH-385-V: Caregiver Leave of a Veteran

Revised FMLA forms

The Department of Labor revised the current FMLA forms to make them simpler for employers, leave administrators, and healthcare providers. You, as an employee, can continue to file the previous versions of FMLA forms but it is best to use the ones that are issued after June 2024 as they are easier to understand.

The most recent FMLA forms are also going to take you less time to file and complete. This means you’ll get on your leave much faster as opposed to filing the previous versions of the FMLA forms.

Submitting FMLA form to the employer

You can submit your FMLA form in several ways. Your employer also cannot refuse to accept the forms when you submit them in the following ways.

  • FAX
  • By mail
  • In person

Additionally, don’t send the form(s) to the Department of Labor. These forms are kept between you and your employer. Still, make sure to keep a copy for your own records in case the employer refuses the leave unlawfully or your job becomes at risk.

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