How to access Amazon W-2

The Amazon employs over half a million people. It makes up a significant chunk of workers in the United States, and it’s hard not to come to an Amazon job ad. Since there are many Americans and permanent residents who call Amazon their employer, their Forms W-2 raises a question. Unlike some large corporations with web-based systems for their employees to receive and send documents, Amazon doesn’t have any. If you’re working for Amazon, you must contact the payroll department or the human resources department to get your Form W-2. If your manager hasn’t furnished you with a copy of Form W-2 yet, contact him or her first, and you’ll know the necessary steps to take.

Whether you work at Amazon or any other place, you are supposed to receive Form W-2 reporting the wages you received and the taxes you’ve paid through withholdings. At least, federal law requires employers to send these to their employees. You should’ve been able to receive your Form W-2 in the mail, by hand, or electronically. You will then use this tax form to file your federal income tax return, as it shows the majority of the income you’ve earned.

For Amazon workers, receiving their W-2 shouldn’t be an issue, but for former employees or soon-to-be-former employees, make sure to try to get it before you leave. But, the Internal Revenue Service sets the deadline to file these tax forms January 31st, the following year. So there is a big chance that you’ll get it after the tax year ends. If you haven’t gotten your Form W-2 by January 31st, there shouldn’t be a reason to worry as it’s just not the time yet.

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