W-2 Mate 2023 - 2024

Form W-2 mate is issued by Real Tax Tools that employers can file to furnish electronic copies to employees that also enable employees to get their copies online. It’s one of the easiest and perhaps the fastest ways to file and furnish employees with their Wage and Tax Statement. During the tax year, you can file Forms W-2, so there aren’t any limitations on when you can file which gives employers the opportunity to file the necessary tax forms for employees that left or quit their jobs.

Form W-2 mate comes as a side tool for 1099 Software. The W-2 mate can be used by businesses, accountants, certified public accountants, and tax preparers. 

Advantages of Form W-2 mate

Form W-2 mate comes as a simple tool to operate with and works efficiently. The biggest advantage of Form W-2 mate is the fact that you can automatically import payroll data onto the forms and create them effortlessly. As with any other tax preparation service, you can file Forms W-2 with the click of a button and e-mail copies to employee e-mail addresses.

Deadline to file on Form W-2 mate

There is no difference in the deadline between filing Form W-2 on the 1099 Software and other methods. All Forms W-2 must be filed by January 31st and a copy must be issued to the taxpayer. If it’s filed at a later date, there will be late penalties that range from $50 to all the way up to $540. The penalties are higher if Form W-2 is neglected for a while. A business/employer will reach the maximum penalty if Forms W-2 aren’t filed by August 1, the same year as the tax season. 

Cost of filing on W-2 mate

Many employers and businesses only use W-2 mate to file Forms W-2. Considering the price tag of only $39 to file as many Forms W-2 as you need, it’s not shy away from being a lifesaver. The price of it is way under it’s competition and it’s easy to point out that it offers everything a tax tool has to offer. 

However, if you’re already using a tax preparation service to handle other parts of your taxes, it doesn’t really make sense to file through W-2 mate. It’s only good if you don’t have a deal with a tax preparation service. Due to the nature of this, W-2 mate is a preferred choice amongst accountants, CPAs, and professional tax preparers.

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  1. Just looking for the W2 download program, to download and fill out myself as I’ve done in the pass. NOT E-File.

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