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The Office of Personnel Management had a significant change amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2024, where thousands of employees, including those that work for the Internal Revenue Service, were ordered to work from home. 

Fast forward to 2024, there are plenty of open positions at the Internal Revenue Service where employees work entirely remotely or semi-remotely. The recent IRS announcement made it clear that the agency is struggling with the massive backlog, leaving over 20 million tax returns on the waiting. These unprocessed tax returns have a massive impact on the IRS processing times; therefore, taxpayers wait for their tax returns unusually long. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen again the next tax season, the IRS plans to hire 10,000 employees. Although this hiring spree won’t do much for the current tax season, it will help the agency massively the next tax season, in 2024. 

Look for remote job opportunities at the IRS

There is an abundance of remote job listings on the IRS Careers page. However, not all positions have remote options as some positions can’t be fulfilled. That’s why it’s essential first to check if the duties can be completed remotely. 

If you’re looking for a job at the Internal Revenue Service and want to work remotely, your options aren’t limited to only the IRS Careers. The local IRS offices also announce they’re hiring on third-party websites where people look for jobs. Nonetheless, it’s best to check the IRS Careers page first as the applications through there has a faster turnover period. 

Here are a couple of resources to help you find the IRS job listings for positions operating remotely.

IRS Remote – Indeed


IRS Careers

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