IRS Portal for Second Stimulus Check

The second round of stimulus checks are being sent to taxpayers who qualify for the payments. Also known as the economic impact payments, these payments are an advanced payment of the recovery rebate credit. As someone who’s eligible to receive the credit, taxpayers can get to the IRS portal for the stimulus checks and see the whereabouts of their stimulus payments.

Go to IRS Stimulus Portal

First and foremost, if you haven’t applied for the economic impact payment by November 2020, you won’t receive it. So even if you check your stimulus payment on the IRS portal, you won’t see any status updates. Your payment status will be shown as “stimulus status not available”. There is no way around this and you must claim the recovery rebate credit.

Learn more about the recovery rebate credit.

How to have access to the IRS portal for second stimulus payment?

You can check your stimulus status by verifying your identity on the IRS portal for stimulus payments.

You will need:

Upon entering these, you will be able to see everything about your stimulus payment. If you will receive it as a paper check, you will when the check was sent as well as when the payment was direct deposited into your bank account.

One thing to know about the IRS portal for stimulus payments is that the app is updated once a day. It works the same way as the Where’s My Refund tool. It gets updated once a day, usually at midnight.

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