New Mexico Unclaimed Property Reporting Requirements

Each year millions of dollars in unclaimed property are turned over to the State of New Mexico by businesses that cannot locate their owners.

Reporting and remitting unclaimed property to New Mexico is a complicated process that requires the help of experienced professionals. It’s important to follow the state’s rules and regulations regarding reporting methods and requirements in order to maintain compliance. Failure to report properly can result in fines and penalties. In addition, the holder can be required to return the property to the owner after a certain amount of time has passed.

To avoid this penalty, holders are encouraged to submit reports electronically whenever possible. This allows the holder to maintain consistent records and reduces the risk of inaccurate reporting. In addition, it is important to send due diligence notices each reporting cycle for property with a value of $50 or more. These mailings are crucial for maintaining customer relations and preventing future abandonment.

Holders must also submit a physical certificate for each claim of abandoned property. This should be sent to the New Mexico unclaimed property administrator along with a proof of ownership document, such as a DRP statement or a certified copy of the deed.

How Do I Find Unclaimed Money in New Mexico?

To find lost money in New Mexico, you can search the state’s database using the following parameters: name; date of birth (to verify identity); previous addresses; social security number; employer names and locations; and dates of death or incapacitation, if applicable. Searches are free of charge.

In addition to the state’s database, you can also check national databases that collect data from all 50 states and territories. These sites can be a great place to start your search, but it’s important to remember that not all lost money is reported to these databases.

How Do I Find Unclaimed Money in New Mexico

How to File a Claim for Unclaimed Property in New Mexico?

In order to claim the property, an individual must provide documentation that proves they are the owner of the property. This documentation can include utility bills, auto registrations, bank statements, birth or marriage certificates, and court documents. The turn-around time for claiming unclaimed property can vary depending on the type of documentation that is required. The State of New Mexico will typically respond to a claim within 90 days. If the claim is approved, payment will be issued.

New Mexico has a large amount of unclaimed money and property. According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, New Mexico has $150 million in unclaimed funds and tangible personal property. This is just a small fraction of the total value of unclaimed property in the United States.

Each year millions of dollars in unclaimed property are turned over to the State by businesses that cannot locate the owners of the property. The State assumes custody of the property, safeguards it, attempts to find the owners and publicizes the names of apparent owners who can be located. This process is known as escheatment.

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