Passport Name Change

Renew your passport and request a name change on your new passport. For a name change on the new passport, the US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs requires citizens to fill out certain forms and show proof of the name change. 

Here is how you renew a passport and request a name change. 

Passport Renewal Forms

To change the name, you will use different passport renewals depending on when your passport was issued and whether or not you can prove the name change. So we will explain how to passport name change based on the different renewal forms in use. 

Form DS-5504

Use Form DS-5504 if you’re requesting the name change less than one year after your passport was issued. Along with Form DS-5504, mail your most recent passport, original or certified copy of name change document such as your marriage certificate, and a passport appropriate photograph.

Form DS-82

Note: Make sure you’re eligible to renew your passport using Form DS-82

Use Form DS-82 if it has been more than one year since your passport was issued. Everything that’s needed to renew your passport and change a name applies to Form DS-82 the same as the Form DS-5504, but you are also required to pay the renewal application fee. 

Form DS-11

If you’re not eligible to renew your passport using DS-82, that probably means you cannot prove the name change and it has been more than one year since your passport was issued, fill out DS-11 to get your new passport. Along with Form DS-11, mail your proof of US citizenship, valid ID issued in the name you are currently using, a photocopy of the ID, and the first-time application fee. 

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