Practice CS Workflow Management

To simply put it, accounting practice is recording the day-to-day activities of a business’s financial operations. Every business that holds day-to-day activities need accounting practice. 

In a world where everything is automated, accounting practice is oftentimes handled manually, costing hours of work hours to businesses. While there are business management software that can handle these sorts of tasks, there is not a single one better than Practice CS by Thomson Reuters. Their innovative Practice CS tool can help businesses focus these extra hours on other critical operations.

Whether you’re a CPA that’s employed by a company or working by yourself, you can utilize Practice CS to handle many parts of accounting. Practice CS isn’t limited to just accounting practice. Here are some of the features that accountants look for in such software.

  • Scalability: Whether you’re a multi-million dollar company or building yourself up there, Practice CS can suit the size you need.
  • Reports: The reports produced on Practice CS are detailed in ways that you only need. It’s effortless to produce reports that give you detailed insights into the financial operations of your business.
  • Easy Payment Options: Create electronic invoices, post bills, accept credit card payments from your clients, and collect other forms of payments.
  • Assignments: Easily assign deadlines and access to staff schedules, benefits, and other company data to lead your employees.

Practice CS Pricing

As with any other business management software in accounting, the pricing varies. Since there is no limit to it and you’ll need to contact Thomson Reuters directly to get a quote, we can only tell the base pricing. For a five-user license, Practice CS starts at roughly $2,000. Depending on the kind of features you need, the pricing can be entirely different as this is just the base price. 

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