PSLF Employment Certification Form

Certifying employment for PSLF is an important part of the process. It confirms that you work for an eligible employer and helps the government track your progress toward debt forgiveness.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Form, or PSLF employment certification form, is an official document from the Department of Education that can help borrowers stay on track for loan forgiveness. The form can be found online and is easy to fill out. It only requires the name and email address of an authorized official at a qualifying employer who can certify that a borrower works for an eligible public service organization. It also includes information on whether the borrower is making qualifying payments towards their debt.

The federal government recommends that borrowers submit the PSLF employment certification form once a year or every time they change employers. This can help them ensure that they are on track to qualify for loan forgiveness by proving that they work for an eligible public service organization and are making qualifying payments toward their debt. It can also help them keep track of how many payments they have made to meet the program’s requirements for forgiveness.


If you’re unsure whether your employer qualifies, you can use the PSLF Help Tool to verify this information. You can also contact your HR or personnel office to see if they have an authorized staff member who can help you fill out Sections 3 and 4 of the PSLF Employment Certification Form.

If you’re considering applying for PSLF, it’s important to ensure that you are on a qualifying repayment plan and making at least 120 qualifying payments each year. The PSLF employment certification form is a great way to prove this information, and it’s also a good idea to submit the form frequently so that you can become familiar with how FedLoan Servicing reviews these forms.

Can I Certify My Own Employment for PSLF

Can I Certify My Own Employment for PSLF?

A borrower can certify their own employment for PSLF, but only if they work for a government agency or a non-profit that meets certain criteria. This includes not being a partisan political organization or labor union and meeting strict timelines, paperwork, and job duty requirements.

It is usually easiest to have your employer fill out the form for you. This will ensure that all information on the form is accurate and up to date. If you work for a qualifying public service organization, you can use the PSLF Help Tool to submit your form electronically or request that your employer sign it. The tool makes it easier to meet the federal deadlines, and your form will be processed more quickly than if you submitted it manually or via email.

PSLF employment certifications are typically handled by the employee’s FedLoan Servicing servicer. If you are in the early stages of PSLF, filing your employment certification will switch your loans over to FedLoan Servicing and give you experience working with the servicer. This can help you avoid common mistakes that derail loan forgiveness or even make you ineligible for the program.

How to Fill out PSLF Employment Certification Form?

  •  The first section asks for personal information, such as name, Social Security number, birth date, address, and phone number. If any of this information changes, check the box indicating that a change has occurred. Then, read the legal acknowledgment and sign the form.
  • In the next section, your employer will verify that you work at a qualifying organization. Many employers designate human resources or personnel office staff as authorized officials who can certify employment for PSLF purposes. These authorized employees have access to your employment records and are able to help you complete the form.

It is important to recertify your employment for PSLF at least once per year and each time you change jobs. This will make sure that all your work towards PSLF is recorded correctly. It also helps show the federal government that you are committed to the program, especially in light of the Trump administration’s and Congress’s recent attempts to cut or cripple it.

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