US Passport Photo Requirements

A US passport photo must meet certain guidelines in order to be accepted by the State Department.

Getting or renewing a passport is often a lengthy process. One of the most common reasons it may be delayed is because of a poor-quality photo or one that doesn’t meet official guidelines. This is a big deal because passport photos must be taken by a professional photographer and printed on high-quality photo paper. The US Department of State has strict requirements when it comes to the size, background, appearance, and attire of your photo. A good tip for taking the best photo is to use natural light rather than artificial lighting (incandescent or fluorescent) because it will cause your skin to look red. Also, be sure to avoid using any filters on your camera.

The photo must be a full-face shot and should not show any bare shoulders or cleavage. Eyeglasses can be worn in the photo, but they must not cover your eyes or have a dark frame. If you wear a head covering, it must be plain white or off-white and worn for religious reasons. You can also wear jewelry, as long as it is tasteful and not distracting. The Department of State also prohibits shadows, which can cast on the face or background. It is important to take photos in a well-lit area that has even lighting. Furthermore, a wide-grinned smile is not permitted, although showing a few teeth (a neutral “bored” expression) is okay as long as the mouth remains closed. Beards are allowed as long as they are neatly kept, and facial piercings are acceptable as well. The only exception is a head covering, which can be worn only if it is part of a religious uniform that is worn daily.

What Can You Not Wear for a US Passport Photo?

You can and cannot wear certain things for a US passport photo. The main thing to remember is that your face must be visible and not be obscured by clothing or accessories. You also must not wear eyeglasses unless you have a medical reason to wear them. Hats or head coverings are also prohibited unless worn for religious reasons.

Can You Wear Your Hair Up in a Passport Photo

Can You Wear Your Hair Up in a Passport Photo?

If you want to wear your hair up in a passport photo, there are some things to keep in mind. First, you must ensure your hair doesn’t obscure your face. This means you should try to keep your bangs as short as possible so they don’t cover your eyebrows or eyes. Alternatively, you can also use a hair clip or bobby pin to keep them out of your face.

Can You Smile With Teeth in Passport Photo?

If you want to smile in your passport photo, make sure you don’t show your teeth. It’s also important to keep your head straight and avoid unnatural expressions. The US Department of State recommends looking directly into the camera’s lens and closing your eyes. Smiling distorts your face, making it harder for authorities to identify you if you happen to get lost or kidnapped in a foreign country.

Your passport photo will be rejected if your face isn’t looking right. It’s important to follow the photographer’s directions and don’t try to take a selfie. You can use a tripod or ask someone to help you take the photo so that it’s not too dark or blurry.

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