W-3 Form 2023 - 2024

Form W-3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements is the tax form that reports the total amount of wages and taxes withheld from employees’ income to the Social Security Administration.

The difference between Form W-2 and W-3 is that Form W-2 is filed for each employee and the W-3 is filed for all employees. The purpose of this is to determine the total amount of Social Security and Medicare tax withheld from employees’ income. After filing Form W-3, it must be sent to the Social Security Administration although it’s an IRS tax form.

Form W-3 reports everything found on the W-2, Wage and Tax Statement as the W-3 works as a transmittal tax form. In this article, we will explain how you can file Form W-3 and answer some of the commonly asked questions about it.

Form W-3 Fillable | 2023 - 2024

Use the following Form W-3 to report the total wages and tax withheld reported on all 2024 Forms W-2. Take note that Form W-3 must be filed and sent to the Social Security Administration by January 31, the same deadline as the other information returns.

The Form W-3 shown below is fillable online which you can enter the information on your computer or other electronic devices to fill out online. However, even if you file W-3 like this, you will need to print out a paper copy and mail it to the Social Security Administration. This isn’t all that convenient as you can file and submit it online to the Social Security Administration.

What is W3 Form?

Form W-3 works very simply. It’s the tax form that reports the total amount of wages, salaries, and other compensation paid to employees with the total amount of taxes withheld. The tax withheld reported on W-3 includes the federal, state, and local income taxes along with the Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Can I file Form W-3 online?

Yes. Form W-3 can be filed online through the SSA’s Business Services Online. You can also file Forms W-2 through this online service provided by the Social Security Administration and print out paper copies to give to your employees. It’s a lot more convenient this way as you don’t need to mail a paper copy to the SSA.

When do I need to file Form W-3?

Form W-3 needs to be filed as soon as the tax year ends just like the W-2. The deadline to file Form W-3 is January 31. If Form W-3 isn’t filed and submitted to the Social Security Administration, you will incur late-filing penalties.

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