W9 Form Printable 2023 - 2024

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number or better known as Form W-9 is one of the most commonly used tax forms. W9 Form printable for the 2024 tax year is used for providing the correct taxpayer identification number to a payer so that the proper tax forms can be filed to report the income paid. 

The payer won’t be able to fill out the necessary tax forms to report the income paid without the taxpayer identification number so it must be filed by the individual/business receiving the payment. Most payers require the W-9 before they make a payment but regardless of the payment taking place before or after the W-9 is furnished, taxpayers must file it.

Form W-9 Printable 2018 – 2024

Fill out Form W-9 PDF

While it’s necessary to print out a paper copy before you can fill out the PDF forms, it’s not the case with the fillable online Form W-9 printable. Individuals who need to provide their taxpayer identification numbers to payers can fill out Form W-9 online and print out a paper copy. This enables the filer to store their W-9 electronically and also furnish the requesters through e-mail or other methods electronically.

It works simply as you only need to enter your information and save it as a PDF file on your device or print it out right away. Since what needs to be entered on Form W-9 is quite easy, it doesn’t take more than five minutes to fill out a copy.

How to furnish Form W-9 to a requester?

There are several ways the requested individual or the business can furnish the requester with Form W-9. You can furnish the requester with a paper copy but it’s also possible to e-mail the W-9. 

While e-mailing is the most convenient option, you must e-sign it or enter your signature on the paper, then scan a document. If you’re using a PDF editor, you can e-sign and since the PDF is also printable, you can print out the paper copy with your signature. Doing this will also enable you to print out paper copies on the go since you’ll already have a filed copy on your device. 

Form W-9 penalties you should be aware of

Form W-9 is kind of mandatory to file as the payer won’t be able to file the necessary information returns to report your income. You’ll need the information returns to report the gross income on the federal income tax return. 

For every Form W-9 violation, there is a $50 penalty and intentionally avoiding filing it can result in backup withholding. The backup withholding rate as of 2024 is 24 percent of the income paid. The payers who didn’t receive W-9 will withhold this rate of tax and forward it to the Internal Revenue Service.

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