Form W9 Mailing Address 2024

Form W-9 is filed by individuals and businesses that are requested with a copy of it. When you get paid, and the payer doesn’t have your tax information, the information returns can’t be filed, therefore, you need to provide it by filling out a W-9.

It’s overall a simple tax form that includes only the filer’s full name, address, and taxpayer identification number. Abbreviated as TIN, it can be either your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number. However, you can’t use Individual Taxpayer Identification Number as a nonresident. Instead, fill out W-8BEN to give your tax information to payers. The W-8BEN can also be used to furnish taxpayer identification numbers to withholding agents.

Furnishing Form W9

You filled out the W-9, and now it’s time to furnish the payer but don’t know how and looking for a designated mailing address? It would be pointless as you only need to furnish a copy of your W-9 to the payer. The Internal Revenue Service or any other government agency doesn’t need it. The sole purpose of Form W-9 is to give your taxpayer identification number and other related tax information to the payer. 

After giving your W-9 to the payer whether you gave it in person, sent an email, uploaded it to your website, or any other way, there are no additional steps you need to do. There is no special mailing address that you need to mail the W9 or anything of that nature. 

Simply, fill out the W9 Form 2024 or the latest Form W9 for the time being and give it to the payer no matter how you do it as long as your tax information gets there.

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