What Is Schedule K-1 (Form 1065)?

If you are running a business and you have a partner, then you might already hear about Schedule K-1, which is also known as Form 1065. This form allows you to report the share of your partner’s profits, credits, deductions, or losses. As usual, the form allows you to report all these to the IRS officially.

As you can carry out all these operations on your own, without any additional cost or assistance, you can always hire a tax professional, who will carry out them on your behalf. One thing you need to pay attention to is filling out the form fully and correctly. Otherwise, you may be charged with penalties and fines.

In this guide, we will discuss every single detail you might want to learn about Schedule K-1, or in other words, Form 1065. So, let’s start without losing more time.

Form 1065 Instructions 2024

In the United States, partnerships are also called pass-through entities. This is mainly because these entities actually do not pay any taxes. Instead, all the profits and losses, as well as tax credits or tax deductions, are distributed to the partners. Later, these partners should report these through their own personal income tax returns.

For this purpose, Form 1065 is the most important form for the tax return process of partnerships. Thanks to this form, the IRS can figure out your share in the partnership and determine the tax liability of each partner.

Just like all IRS forms, you can download Form 1065 from the official website of the IRS. If you are working with an accountant, he or she may also provide you the Schedule K-1 towards the tax time.

It is also worth noting that Schedule K-1 is also an important document while filing your personal tax return with Form 1040. Your Form 1040 will not be accepted if no Form 1065 is attached to it.

Form 1065 Due Date 2024

Unlike other due dates related to taxing or returns, unfortunately, Form 1065’s due date is sooner than others. This form is used by S corporations and partnerships and the due date of Schedule K-1 is in March.

Partners or business owners must file their Form 1065 before March 15, 2024. If you will submit your form after this date, your form will not be evaluated at all and will not be accepted. In addition to this, the IRS will imply penalties on the partners.

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