California Tax Deadline 2024

The tax filing deadline for California state income tax returns has been extended to May 17 along with the federal tax filing deadline. The extension from April 15 to May 17 will give more time to taxpayers to prepare their tax returns and so to pay the taxes owed. However, this extension only applies to filing and paying federal income taxes due. It won’t apply to estimated tax payments which you need to still pay by April 15 for the first quarter of 2024.

Filing a tax extension

So do you need to file a separate extension to qualify for the 32-day tax extension? No. The tax filing deadline is basically been postponed to May 17 and you don’t need to do anything, in addition, to qualify for this automatic extension.

However, if you need more time to file your tax return and May 17 doesn’t seem manageable, you can still file an extension. While an extension would normally give six more months to file a return, it’s not possible with the already automatic extension. With the tax filing deadline moving to May 17, filing a regular tax extension will give you less than six months to file your return on top of the tax filing deadline. The tax extension will push the tax filing deadline to October 15, but the tax payment deadline for the taxes owed will be May 17.

File California tax return

The same as federal income tax returns, there are two ways to file a California state income tax return. You can either file it electronically or mail a paper copy of Form 568. Take note that Although either way works just fine, most taxpayers qualify for a free state income tax return through IRS Free File. Take note that both the federal income tax filing deadline and the 568 deadline is May 17 without the extension so you can file both at the same time.

California residents who are going to file a paper 568 can get their state income tax return instructions to file and have an easier time while doing so.

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