Connecticut HUSKY Health Insurance

If you are not able to afford regular healthcare coverage, you may be eligible for HUSKY health insurance in Connecticut.

Connecticut HUSKY Health provides Medicaid health care for eligible children, parents and caretaker relatives, pregnant women, and people with disabilities. It also covers some long-term care services. This includes home and community-based care and nursing homes. The state also has a spend-down program for individuals who are over Medicaid’s income limit but can’t afford their care costs.

Connecticut Husky Insurance Income Limits

You may need to renew your membership if you are a current HUSKY A, B, or D member and were enrolled during the COVID-19 public health emergency. You can do this online or by mail. You will receive an eligibility review letter and a new HUSKY ID card that you must carry with you to every healthcare visit. The HUSKY ID card will also include a Gray EBT Connect Card, My Medication card, and program guide.

Connecticut currently has income limits for HUSKY A (for parents and caretakers), HUSKY B (children), HUSKY C (seniors or adults with disabilities), and HUSKY D (adults without dependent children). These limits are not changing as part of the ACA.

Families who are above the HUSKY A limit may still qualify through a “spend-down” program, which evaluates their medically necessary care costs and their income to determine if they can afford coverage. In addition, if you have an employer-sponsored plan or other private insurance, you must notify HUSKY of this coverage. Otherwise, you could lose your Medicaid coverage. If you don’t have access to employer-sponsored insurance, you can get help from a private broker or the state exchange.

Connecticut Husky Insurance Application

Connecticut Husky Insurance Application

  • Visit the official HUSKY Health website:
  • This website details eligibility requirements for various categories like children, pregnant women, etc.
  • Access Health CT: for individuals under 65 without dependent children (HUSKY D), children (HUSKY A & B), parents with dependent children (HUSKY A), and caretakers/guardians of minor children (HUSKY A).
  • for individuals over 65, blind, or with disabilities applying for Medicaid (HUSKY C) or Medicaid for Employees with Disabilities (MED-Connect).

HUSKY Mental Health Treatment

The HUSKY program will cover many types of mental health treatment, including psychotherapy and therapy for conditions like depression or anxiety. It will also cover certain behavioral health services, such as substance abuse therapy or family and marriage counseling. However, the program will not cover coaching and career counseling services. It also won’t cover hypnotherapy or other complementary treatments. Lastly, HUSKY will not cover acupuncture or herbal remedies. HUSKY does, however, cover podiatry services in both clinic and independent settings.

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