Federal Tax Forms 1040 for 2023 - 2024

Only preparing a copy of Form 1040 isn’t enough to complete your federal income tax return. There are plenty of tax forms you need to attach to Form 1040 every tax season. These tax forms give the Internal Revenue Service further information about your income other than what’s just reported on 1040. 

For example, you can report your income as it is on Form 1040, but you’ll also need to provide the sources of the income as well. The same goes also for other information like certain deductions and credits, adjustments to income, reporting additional income, etc.

Here is a list of common tax forms that most taxpayers need to file with their federal income tax returns.

  • Schedule 1
    • Report additional income and figure out adjusted gross income.
  • Schedule A
  • Information returns
    • Think of tax forms like Form W-2, 1099s, and 1096. These tax forms report income paid to you through payers and employees. 
  • Statements
    • Tax forms like 1095-A that reports premium tax credit used/premiums paid and 1098-T that reports tuition paid.

The above tax forms are the most common, and you can find many of them, including the online fillable versions to help you fill out online.

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