Form 8633

Form 8633 is required for any individual or entity who intends to transmit tax returns or other documents electronically on behalf of taxpayers. It’s important to follow its instructions carefully.

Individuals or entities seeking to become authorized e-file providers with the IRS must complete Form 8633. Tax professionals, including tax preparers and CPAs, must also complete this form to get their Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) and Electronic Transactions Reference Number (ETRN). Download the form from the IRS website and carefully read the instructions to apply. Complete all required information and attach any required documents or attachments as indicated on the form. Double-check all fillable fields for precision and accuracy before submitting. Once completed, make a copy of the form and any attachments for your records.

If a Responsible Official is suspended from the Form 1040 ELF Program, all entities listed on that Responsible Official’s application may be suspended as well. Additionally, the Service reserves the right to list in the Internal Revenue Bulletin, district office listings, and district office newsletters the name of any entity suspended from the Form 1040 ELF Program, along with the effective date of the suspension.

How to File Form 8633

How to File Form 8633?

Obtain a Form 8633 from the appropriate authority or organization. Complete the form with all necessary information and submit it to the designated entity as instructed on the document. Make sure that you carefully read through the instructions to ensure that you correctly provide all relevant details. In addition, be sure to double-check that all information is accurate before submitting the form.

If you’re a reporting agent, you must also complete the e-file application to get your Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) and ETIN/PIN. Once you have these, you can file 940 and 941 returns for your clients.

Once an Electronic Filer is approved to operate a Drop-Off Collection Point, it must file a Form 8633 listing each location. The list must clearly display the name of the Electronic Filer. This will allow the Service to identify which Electronic Filer is responsible for each Drop-Off Collection Point and which one should receive all Service correspondence, including problem resolution and report evaluation.

If a listed location closes or changes owners, the Electronic Filer must file a revised Form 8633 or letter. Revised applications must be submitted within 30 days of the change reflected in the form. The Service will publish the information contained in a revised Form 8633 or letter in Internal Revenue Bulletin listings, district office newsletters, and on the EFS Bulletin Board.

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