How to File for Unemployment?

Applying for unemployment insurance has been a big deal in the United States due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To apply for unemployment insurance, you must be jobless at the moment.

How you’re going to apply for unemployment insurance depends on the program. Generally, at the time of your application, you will be asked about providing information about your former employment. This include address(es) and date(s). If these aren’t provided, your unemployment will be delayed. So, make sure to enter these in your application.

Extended Unemployment Compensation

With the CARES act, unemployment insurance has been extended to independent contractors and other workers who wouldn’t normally be eligible for unemployment compensation.

Whether you’re eligible for unemployment compensation from your state or not, you can always submit an application. As mentioned above, how you’re going to do it depends on your state unemployment program as well as the State Department of Labor.

While most states accept applications to be made online, you may be required to send a paper application or provide certain documents by mail.

The bottom line is you must contact your State Department of Labor to apply for unemployment. You can read the following articles to get contact information of all states.

State Department of Labor List

The above list also shows the instructions to apply for unemployment online. Most states allow residents to apply for unemployment insurance online but you may be asked to show up at the State Department of Labor or provide additional documents to support your claim.

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