MI Unemployment

Michigan, just like any other state in the country is seeing high unemployment due to the COVID-19 crisis. Now that more people than ever is applying for unemployment insurance in the State of Michigan, here is what you need to know everything about it.

First and foremost, where to apply for MI unemployment insurance benefits? The easiest and convenient way to apply for unemployment is through Michigan Web Account Manager. If you already have an account at MiWAM, go ahead and submit your claim.

Don’t have an account? Register a MILogin account and create or access your existing Michigan Web Account Manager account. If this isn’t something you can handle or problems occur, call 1-866-500-0017 to submit an unemployment insurance claim by phone.

Note: Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity is not able to answer all the calls. So, they transitioned to a schedule-based application. You will be assigned a day and time to file your unemployment insurance benefits claim online or by phone according to your name.

Can I get MI unemployment if I work part-time?

Yes! You can get unemployment insurance benefits even if you’re working at the moment. As long as the hours worked is less than 32 hours and the wages is less than the weekly unemployment benefits, you can get unemployment benefits.

What is the maximum PUA benefits?

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits is extended for up to 39 weeks or until you find a job or return back to your existing job. However, if you pick up a part-time job with a limited number of hours, you may get to keep PUA benefits.

What is the average weekly unemployment benefit?

The unemployment benefit you receive is—on average, half of your average weekly wage over the last year but it can’t be more than $740. However, with the PUA, you can get up to $1,340.

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