Schedule 2 Line-by-Line Instruction 2024

Schedule 2 is a supplemental document that must be submitted with your tax return. It lists your income and expenses. Schedule 2 must be attached to Form 1040, 1040-SR, or 1040-NR.

The purpose of Schedule 2 is to summarize amounts on other lines on the tax return. In the original form, these amounts would go on Line 11 of Form 1040. The new Schedule lists the alternative minimum tax, the excess advance premium tax credit repayment, and other taxes that were previously included in Schedule 4.

Schedule 2 consists of 2 pages. The first page includes Part I: Tax and Part II: Other Taxes, and the second is the continuation of part II. Here’s the line-by-line instruction for Form 1040 attachment form to file Schedule 2 online:

Schedule 1: Additional Taxes Instructions

Part I: Tax

  • Line 1: Alternative minimum tax. Attach Form 6251
  • Line 2: Excess advance premium tax credit repayment. Attach Form 8962
  • Line 3: Add lines 1-2. Enter the amount here and on Form 10401040-SR, or 1040-NR, line 17.

Part II Other Taxes

  • Line 4: Self-employment tax. Attach Schedule SE
  • Line 5: Social security and Medicare tax on unreported tip income. Attach Form 4137
  • Line 6: Uncollected social security and Medicare tax on wages. Attach Form 8919
  • Line 7: Total additional social security and Medicare tax. Add lines 5 and 6
  • Line 8: Additional tax on IRAs or other tax-favored accounts. Attach Form 5329 if required
  • Line 9: Household employment taxes. Attach Schedule H
  • Line 10: Repayment of first-time homebuyer credit. Attach Form 5405 if required
  • Line 11: Additional Medicare Tax. Attach Form 8959
  • Line 12: Net investment income tax. Attach Form 8960
  • Line 13: Uncollected social security and Medicare or RRTA tax on tips or group-term life insurance from Form W-2, box 12
  • Line 14: Interest on tax due on installment income from the sale of certain residential lots and timeshares
  • Line 15: Interest on the deferred tax on gain from certain installment sales with a sales price over $150,000
  • Line 16: Recapture of low-income housing credit. Attach Form 8611
  • Line 17:Other additional taxes:
  • Line 17a: Recapture of other credits
  • Line 17b: Recapture of federal mortgage subsidy.
  • Line 17c: Additional tax on HSA distributions. Attach Form 8889 
  • Line 17d: Additional tax on an HSA because you didn’t remain an eligible individual. Attach Form 8889
  • Line 17e: Additional tax on Archer MSA distributions. Attach Form 8853
  • Line 17f: Additional tax on Medicare Advantage MSA distributions. Attach Form 8853
  • Line 17g: Recapture of a charitable contribution deduction related to a fractional interest in tangible personal property
  • Line 17h: Income you received from a nonqualified deferred compensation plan that fails to meet the requirements of section 409A
  • Line 17i: Compensation you received from a nonqualified deferred compensation plan described in section 457A
  • Line 17j:Section 72(m)(5) excess benefits tax
  • Line 17k: Golden parachute payments
  • Line 17l: Tax on accumulation distribution of trusts
  • Line 17m: Excise tax on insider stock compensation from an expatriated corporation
  • Line 17n: Look-back interest under section 167(g) or 460(b) from Form 8697 or Form 8866
  • Line 17o: Tax on non-effectively connected income for any part of the year you were a nonresident alien from Form 1040-NR
  • Line 17p: year you were a nonresident alien from Form 1040-NR . . . . 17o p Any interest from Form 8621, line 16f, relating to distributions from, and dispositions of, stock of a section 1291 fund
  • Line 17q: Any interest from Form 8621line 24
  • Line 17z: Any other taxes. List type and amount
  • Line 18: Total additional taxes. Add lines 17a-17z
  • Line 19: Additional tax from Schedule 8812
  • Line 20: Section 965 net tax liability installment from Form 965-A
  • Line 21: Add lines 4, 7-16, 18, and 19 to figure your total other taxes. Enter the amounthere and on Form 1040 or 1040-SRline 23, or Form 1040-NRline 23b.

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