FAFSA Paper Form 2023 - 2024

FAFSA applications are available to submit for the 2023 - 2024 academic year. Students and parents can fill out paper FAFSA form on paper and mail it to the Department of Education.

Before filling out a paper FAFSA form, consider submitting it electronically. There are plenty of upsides to submitting FAFSA online. It will take significantly shorter for the Department of Education to process the application in comparison to mailing a paper form. This is also safer if you want to avoid mailing tax returns.

With the online application, you aren’t going to attach tax transcripts to the FAFSA. Instead, it will be sent to the Department of Education without the applicant even seeing it. This transaction is done automatically with the Internal Revenue Service’s Data Retrieval Tool.

Online Fillable FAFSA Form

Although online application through StudentAid.gov using FSA ID is the easiest, applicants can fill out a paper form and mail it to the Department of Education. The attached FAFSA 2023 - 2024 form below is fillable online. After completing the form, a paper copy can be printed out.

Note: To make your experience better, we’ve taken out the instructions from the full FAFSA form. Only the pages you need to fill out and mail to the Department of Education are attached above.

Upon filling out FAFSA whether you’re a parent or a student, mail it to the following mailing address.

Once the Department of Education gets your FAFSA, it will take about 10 business days to send your Student Aid Report. This document will show the Expected Family Contribution of the student and the answers given to the questions on FAFSA.

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