FAFSA Student Aid Report

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a multiple-step process that evaluates whether or not a student is eligible to receive financial aid. 

Upon the student and his/her parent or guardian completing the application electronically or on paper, the Department of Education issues a summary of this known as the Student Aid Report. It’s a crucial document that every applicant looks forward to as it details some useful information that determines a lot.

Once received, the student and the parent will be able to see the answers to the questions given on the FAFSA form and the expected family contribution. It’s one of the two things that help applicants calculate if they’re eligible for federal student aid along with the cost of attendance of the school listed on the application. 

How to find the student aid report?

Student Aid Report is either going to be mailed or shared electronically on the StudentAid.gov website. You can log in to the account the application is made using FSA ID and locate the student aid report on the top right corner. 

The applicants that mailed their Free Application for Federal Student Aid will receive their student aid reports in the mail. If it’s lost or hasn’t arrived in about two weeks, give the Federal Student Aid office a call at 1-800-433-3243.

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