State Identification Number on 1099 Forms

Forms 1099 are information returns that report income paid in various ways. Most business owners are mandated to file this tax form for payments made to freelancers and contractors that exceed $600.

Since the recipient of Forms 1099 get this tax form to file their federal income tax returns, so the income is reported, the IRS wants them complete by the start of the tax season. The deadline to file all Forms 1099 with the recipient is January 31st, and with the IRS, it’s February 28th or March 31st, depending on how it’s filed. You can file it later if you’re filing the forms electronically alongside Form 1096, which works to transmit these forms filed.

State Identification Number on Forms 1099 is located in Box 17. This is the box filers need to enter the state business identification number. The state identification number refers to the state tax ID number. It shouldn’t be mistaken with other forms of identification numbers such as the sales tax number. Make sure to enter your state business tax ID number correctly, as the recipient is going to need the 1099-MISC to report income earned during the tax year on the state income tax return.

If your state doesn’t tax wages and income, you still need to enter the state business tax identification number. The rules apply to every filer of Form 1099-MISC, 1099-B, 1099-G, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, or any other variation. Every taxpayer must enter their state identification number.

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