How to change address with IRS?

How to change the mailing address with the Internal Revenue Service? If you’re moving to somewhere else and you want to change your address with the IRS, you will need to fill out the tax form for change of address.

The tax form which you’re going to use is 8822. This tax form is pretty simple and only requires you to enter information about your old address, name change if there is any, and the same information about your spouse if filing a joint return.

How to change address online?

Form 8822 cannot be filed electronically, thus, you will need to mail it to the Internal Revenue Service. However, there is one instance when you might be able to change your address with the IRS online.

If your tax refund check was sent back to the Internal Revenue Service, you can track your refund status on Where’s My Refund – Refund Checker. There should be a step to change your address. If you’re not able to change your address through Where’s My Refund, you can only file Form 8822 and notify the IRS of the change.

The bottom line is you can only change your address by filling out and mailing Form 8822 to the Internal Revenue Service. If you’re able to do it through Where’s My Refund, do so to change it. Mail Form 8822 2021 if you’re not able to do it.

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